Fishing News


Carlogie Dam has been fishing very well recently. Fish have been still fairly high in the water and been catching well on dries, buzzers and fritz. The Carlogie Dam Championship is to be held this Sunday 8th October with maximum entries already taken. Please let us know if you can no longer make it. 

 Recent catches include D.Johnston (Dundee) caught and kept 2 fish for 4lb, W.Clark (Forfar) c/r 9, H.Connell (Inverbervie) c/r 9, R.Hill (Dundee) c/r 5, A.Mills (Kirriemuir) c/r 3, G.Mills (Kirriemuir) c/r 2, A.Stewart (Dundee) c/r 7, A.Phillip (Forfar) c/r 6, D.McIravey (Dundee) caught and kept 2 fish for 4lb 8oz, B.Clark (Dundee) caught and kept 2 fish for 4lb, A.Wood (Arbroath) c/2 20+, P.Hentegs (Monifieth) c/r 2, G.Smith (Arbroath) c/r 4, F.Ferrier (Arbroath) c/r 8, V.Wood (Lincoln) c/r 4, J.Tyrell (Dundee) caught and kept 2 for 4lb 8oz, G.Smith (Carnoustie) caught and kept 2 fish for 4lb 4oz, I.Johnston (Arbroath) c/r 6, K.Lightly (Brechin) c/r 6, J.Thomson (Dundee) c/r 6, B.Thomson (Dundee) c/r 11, J.Stuart (Wellbank) c/r 3, J.Crerar (Arbroath) c/r 5, J.Duthie (Arbroath) c/r 8, G.Woods (Montrose) c/r 20+, S.Smith (Brechin) c/r 8, K.Smith (Edzell) c/r 12, D.Roy (Broughty Ferry) c/r 3, B.Ross (Arbroath) c/r 4, J.Reid (Kingsmuir) c/r 6, P.McAndrew (Laurencekirk) caught 6 kept 3 fish for 9lb 7oz and returned 3, D.Wood (Aberdeen) caught 17 kept 4 fish for 11lb 8oz and returned 14, J.Westland (Arbroath) c/r 8, B.Thomson (Arbroath) c/r 7,  M.Satchell (Monifieth) c/r 1, G.Smith (Arbroath) c/r 6, N.Boath (Tayport) c/r 6. 

 Reminder that we no longer supply landing nets, please bring your own and dip them before and after use. 

As of Monday 2nd October we are now on winter hours 9am-5pm daily.  


 Carlogie Dam Fishings are running their annual Dam Championship competition on Sunday 8th October and ask all those interested to put their names down to avoid disappointment. 

Recent catches include J.Stuart (Wellbank) c/r 8, A.Stewart (Dundee) c/r 13, G.Mills (Kirriemuir) c/r 14, A.Mills (Kirriemuir) c/r 8, P.Stewart (Arbroath) c/r 1, A.Twaddle (Arbroath) c/r 4, F.Taylor (Montrose) caught and kept 1 for 2.5lb, M.Redford (Canroustie) c/r 1, J.Duthie (Arbroath) c/r 2, J.Crerar (Arbroath) c/r 1, C.Cameron (Dundee) c/r 9, R.Main (Arbroath) c/r 1, B.Thomson (Arbroath) c/r 8, J.Westland (Arbroath) c/r 6, J.Thomson (Dundee) c/r 7, B.Thomson (Dundee) c/r 2, B.Crosbie (Arbroath) c/r 4, B.Bosch (Carnoustie) c/r 6, J.Strahcan caught and kept 1 fish for 2.5lb, S.Gowans (Carnoustie) caught and kept 1 fish for 2lb 4oz, W.Clark (Forfar) c/r 3, G.Woods (Montrose) c/r 12, E.Coutts (Dundee) caught and kept 1 fish for 2lb 4oz, G.Balfour (Forfar) c/r 3, J.Blacklaws (Forfar) c/r 1, R.Caulder (Forfar) c/r 2, G.Fyfe (Carnoustie) caught 4 kept 2 for 4lb 8oz and returned 2, K.Oram (Dundee) caught 2 kept 1 and returned 1, A.McBay (Dundee) caught 2 kept 1 and returned 1, G.Skelton (Arbroath) c/r 1, S.McAllan (Arbroath) c/r 7, C.Cooper (Dundee) c/r 1,   J.Reid (Kingsmuir) c/r 2, B.McCallum (Forfar) caught 13 kept 4 for 8lb 8oz and returned 9, I.Hutchison (Arbroath) caught 9 fish kept 2 for 5lb 4oz and returned 7, N.Boath (Tayport) c/r 9, K.Brown (Aberdeen) c/r 5, F.Kane (Dundee) c/r 13, P.Kane (Dundee) c/r 11, G.Jamieson (Dundee) c/r 6, Mr Hill (Dundee) c/r 10, Mr Horne (Dundee) caught 6 kept 2 and returned 4, D.McIlvery (Dundee) caught 10 kept 2 for 5lb and returned 8, A.Deer (Montrose) c/r 6, R.Ainslie (Coventry) caught 3 kept 2 for 4lb 8oz and returned 1, J.Ainslie (Coventry) caught 5 kept 2 for 5lb and returned 3.  

 As of Tuesday 1st of August the fishery will be open 9am-9pm (last angler by 7pm) excluding Saturday when it is open 9am-5pm. 


Recent catches at Carlogie Dam have been caught mainly on buzzers and dries, with the warm weather there have been mixed days fishing. Water levels are good and lots of fish can be seen.  

They include G.Patterson (Haddington) who caught and kept 3 rainbows for 10lb, G.Berkin (Kemnay) caught and kpet 2 rainbows for 4lb, J.Brooks (Insch) c/r 3, H.Connell (Inverbervie) c/r 3, R.Clark (Carnoustie) c/r 5, K.Maddocks (Aberdeen) c/r 2, S.Patterson (Aberdeen) c/r 2, M.Duffy (Dundee) caught and kept 1 rainbow for 1.5lb, M.Satchell (Monifieth) c/r 11, I.Johnston (Monifieth) c/r 1, A.Twaddle (Arbroath) c/r 1, P.Stewart (Arbroath) c/r 1, R.Burks (Dundee) c/r 3, S.McAllan (Arbroath) c/r 7, A.Stewart (Dundee) c/r 11, J.Crerar (Arboath) c/r 1, J.Duthie (Arbroath) c/r 4, I.Hutchison (Arbroath) c/r 4, S.Mutch (Arbroath) c/r 12, G.Skelton (Dundee) caught 3 kept 2 for 4.5lb and returned 1, R.Hill (Dundee) c/r 1, F.Ferrier (Arbroath) c/r 2, B.Gair (Falkirk) c/r 4, B.McCally (Forfar) c/r 13, J.Thomson (Dundee) c/r 7, M.Redford (Carnoustie) c/r 1, B.Bisset (Brechin) c/r 3, L.Johnston (Brechin) c/r 7, W.Clark (Forfar) c/r 4, G.Woods (Montrose) c/r 6, I.Crighton (Springfield) caught 3 kept 2 for 5lb 10oz, J.Stuart (Wellbank) c/r 4, J.Strachan (Angus) caught 4 fish kept 3 for 6.5lb, B.Bosch (Carnoustie) c/r 2, G.Mills (Kirriemuir) c/r 6, Mr Brown (Aberdeen) c/r 3, Mr Dunn (Montrose) c/r 1, A.Dear (Aberdeen) c/r 8, I.Middleton (Arbroath) c/r 4, J.Reid (Kingsmuir) c/r 4.   


Carlogie Dam Fishings has been fishing well, water levels have risen again and the anglers are happy with the standard of fish being caught. Most anglers have been fishing dry flies and buzzers.

 The most recent catches include B.Bosch (Carnoustie) c/r 10, Mr Chapman (Kirriemuir) c/r 5, A.Wood (Arbroath) c/r 39, I.Middleton (Arbroath) c/r 10, G.Woods (Montrose) c/r 10, H.Connell (Inverbervie) c/r 15, M.Satchell (Monifieth) c/r 32, S.McAllan (Arbroath) c/r 14, N.Waugh (Monifieth) c/r 9, L.Johnston (Brechin) c/r 9, W.Clark (Forfar) c/r 3, J.Crerar (Arbroath) c/r 1, J.Duthie (Arbroath) c/r 3, F.Ferrier (Arbroath) c/r 3, M.Price (Arbroath) c/r 3, R.Main (Arbroath) c/r 3, N.Wood (Aberdeen) c/r 2, A.Stewart (Dundee) c/r 3, S.McDonald (Newburgh) c/r 8, G.Mills (Kirriemuir) c/r 6, S.Redford (Dundee) c/r 2, M.Howie (Luthermuir) c/r 4, A.Twaddle (Arbroath) c/r 6, B.Thomson (Inver) c/r 3, A.Milne (Arbroath) c/r 16, P. Stewart (Arbroath) c/r 2, B.Mcleod (Brechin) c/r 6, L.Marshall (Brechin) c/r 1, Mr Craig c/r 5, C.Cooper (Dundee) c/r 3, I.Johnston (Monifieth) c/r 4, K.Dair (Dundee) c/r 3, J.Ritchie (Arbroath) c/r 3, I.Wallace (Montrose) c/r 1, R.Clark (Carnoustie) c/r 4, G.Balfour (Forfar) caught 8 fish kept 2 for 5lb and returned 6, F.Taylor (Montrose) caught and kept 2 fish, B.Beattie (Forfar) c/r 2, A.Mills (Kirriemuir) c/r 3.  


Carlogie Dam Fishings is fishing well at the moment with buzzers, WSW’s and dry flies proving the most popular. Most anglers getting a good mix of brown, rainbow and blue trout and a bigs have been caught. 

 Recent catches include C.Cameron (Dundee) c/r 19, H.Connel (Inverbervie) c/r 39, G.Woods (Montrose) c/r 20+, B.Bisset (Brechin) c/r 5, G.Stewart (Arbroath) c/r 4, L.Johnston (Brechin) c/r 10, A.Low (Kirriemuir) c/r 10, A.Twaddle (Arbroath) c/r 4, P.Stewart (Arbroath) c/r 6, A.Reid (Carnoustie) c/r 6, J.Westland (Arbroath) c/r 19, B.Thomson (Arbroath) c/r 19, C.Cooper (Dundee) c/r 18, L.Brewster (Forfar) c/r 7, A.Brewster (Forfar) c/r 4, A.Stewart (Dundee) c/r 11, W.Clark (Forfar) c/r 7, J.Crerar (Arbroath) c/r 2, J.Duthie (Arbroath) c/r 8, B.Longmuir (Arbroath) c/r 9, J.Thomson (Dundee) c/r 8, J.Beattie (Arbroath) c/r 3, L.Duffy (Dundee) caught and kept 1 fish for 6lb, I.Donald (Monifieth) c/r 2, T.Murray (Edinburgh) c/r 6, I.Hutchison (Arbroath) c/r 10, A.Reid (Carnoustie) caught and kept 3 fish weighing 5.5lb, J.Strachan (Angus) caught and kept 7 fish for 16lb, S.Buchan (Montrose) c/r 4, C.Murray (Carnoustie) c/r 17, C.Hates (Monifieth) c/r 2, R.Ferne (Carnoustie) c/r 3, J.Leslie (Forfar) c/r 10+, I.Middleton (Arbroath) c/r 14 including a 15lb rainbow, B. Thomson (Inver) c/r 15, M.Howie (Luthermuir) c/r 7, F.Ferrier (Arbroath) 6, A.Mills (Kirriemuir) c/r 10, S.McAllan (Arbroath) c/r 18, S.McDonald (Newburgh) c/r 8, K.Macauldy (Brechin) c/r 1, Christie (Broughty Ferry) caught 5 fish kept 2 and returned 3, J.Smith (Forfar) c/r 9, A.Leslie (Forfar) c/r 7, I.Johnston (Monifieth) c/r 1, S.Fotheringham (Carnoustie) caught and kept 1 fish, D.Linton (Dundee) c/r 5, H.Macklin (Aberdeen) c/r 1, G.Edward (Forfar) c/r 8, D.Glover (Dundee) c/r 5, P.Campbell (Arbroath) c/r 1, K.Maddocks (Aberdeen) c/r 7, B.Kerr (Kirriemuir) caught 4 fish kept 3 and returned 1, J.Reid (Kingsmuir) c/r 8. 

 Anglers are advised to bring your own net and dip before and after use.   


We recently held the Troutmasters fish off at Carlogie Dam Fishings. The winner was D.Moddie (Carnoustie) with 4 fish for 9lb, runner up was A.Stewart (Dundee) 4 fish for 8lb 10oz and in third place was J.Hutton (Auchtermuchty) 3 fish for 6lb 4oz. D.Moodie will represent Carlogie Dam Fishings at the seniors final on Mon 9th October at Draycote Trout Fishery. 

Recent catches include R.Young (Glasgow) c/r 1, A.Stewart (Dundee) c/r 10, C.Cameron (Dundee) c/r 18, B.Crosbie (Arbroath) c/r 2, J.Stuart (Wellbank) c/r 8, P.Stewart (Arbroath) c/r 6, A.Twaddle (Arbroath) c/r 7, D.Wood (Aberdeen) caught 18 and kept 4 for 14lb, H.Connel (Inverbervie) c/r 29, S.Milne (Glenrothes) c/r 7, G.Woods (Montrose) c/r 20+, Mr Fotheringham (Carnoustie) caught and kept 3 fish for 7lb, I.Crighton (Springfield) caught 17 fish and kept 3 fish for 7.5lb, B.Bosch (Carnoustie) c/r 13, R.Ferne (Carnoustie) c/r 1, G.Birse (Broughty Ferry) c/r 4, J.Leslie (Forfar) c/r 10, I.Middleton (Arbroath) caught 12 fish kept 1 and returned 11, C.Cooper (Dundee) c/r 7, J.Strang (Larbert) c/r 16, C.Wood (Aberdeen) c/r 10, W.Senior (Aberdeen) caught 8 fish kept 4 fish for 8lb, B.Thomson (Arbroath) c/r 15 biggest fish about 6lb, G.Edward (Forfar) c/r 2, J.Westland (Arbroath) c/r 20, J.Thomson (Dundee) c/r 11, B.Thomson (Arbroath) c/r 21, N.Roully caught 6 fish and kept 3 for 9lb, S.McAllan (Arbroath) c/r 11, W.Clark (Forfar) c/r 6, A.Wood (Arbroath) c/r 30+, Mr Ruffle (Letham) caught 9 fish and kept 4, Mr Capow (London) caught 4 fish and kept 1 for 2lb, Mr Crumble (London) caught 4 fish and kept 2, J.Hutton (Auchtermuchty) c/r 3, A.Dunn (Forfar) c/r 2, R.Niddrie (Aberdeen) c/r 5, N.Wood (Aberdeen) c/r 34, J.Reid (Kingsmuir) c/r 2, D.Moodie (Carnoustie) caught 15 fish and kept 4, A.Mills (Kirriemuir) c/r 11, G.Mills (Kirriemuir) c/r 9.  


Carlogie Dam Fishings has been fishing extremely well with a lot of the anglers complementing the great fighting fish on offer. A mixture of blues, rainbows and brown trout have been catching mainly on buzzers and dries. Our tagged fish competition which includes small blue trout under 1lb 4oz has been gaining six lucky anglers £25 over the last couple of weeks. So remember to pay your pound at the beginning as you have to be in it to win it!

 Recent catches include R.Main (Arbroath) c/r 4, A.Twaddle (Arbroath) c/r 9, P.Stewart (Arbroath) c/r 9, J.Leslie (Forfar) c/r 10, G.Woods (Montrose) c/r 20+, A.Mills (Kirriemuir) c/r 8, G.Mills (Kirriemuir) c/r 8, S.Duncan c/r 2, G.Skelton (Arbroath) caught and kept 2 fish, W.Clark (Forfar) c/r 6, C.Milne (Forfar) c/r 5, Mr Chapman (Kirriemuir) c/r 4, A.Stewart (Dundee) c/r 9, C.Robertson (Aberdeen) c/r 2, N.Wood (Aberdeen) c/r 8, I.Middleton (Arbroath) c/r 15, R.Ferne (Carnoustie) c/r 3, P.Harper (Kirriemuir) c/r 6, M.Davidson (Kirriemuir) c/r 3, J.Reid (Kingsmuir) c/r 5, B.Thomson (Arbroath) c/r 23, J.Westland (Arbroath) c/r 18, A.Mowatt (Forfar) caught and kept 2 fish for 4lb 8oz, B.Mac (Dundee) caught and kept 1 fish for 2lb, I.Hay c/r 4, W.Munro (Arbroath) caught 2 fish returned 1 and kept 1, D.Linton (Dundee) caught 9 fish returned 7 and kept 2 fish for 5lb 8oz, K.Cook (Arbroath) caught 6 fish returned 4 and kept 2 for 4lb, B.Crosbie (Arbroath) c/r 3, C.Stephen (Friockheim) c/r 2, S.Stephen (Friockheim) c/r 1, R.Clark (Carnoustie) c/r 5, S.McCallum (Arbroath) c/r 10, J.Stuart (Dundee) c/r 7, M.Howie (Luthermuir) c/r 10, B.Thomson (Arbroath) c/r 10 and lost over 20, J.Robb (Dalgety Bay) c/r 8, F.Ferrier (Arbroath) c/r 9, I.Crighton (Cupar) caught 8 fish returned 6 and kept 2 fish for 5lb 8oz, B.Bosch (Carnoustie) c/r 7, J.Hutton c/r 1, M.Darymple c/r 1, S.Scobie (Newburgh) c/r 3, S. McDonald (Newburgh) c/r 9,  H.Connel (Inverbervie) c/r 43, Mr Brown (Aberdeen) c/r 6, C.Cooper (Dundee) c/r 8, A.Wood (Arbroath) c/r 30+, R.Hill (Dundee) c/r 4, A.O’Rourke (Dundee) c/r 4, C.Cameron (Dundee) c/r 18, G.Crombie (Brechin) caught and kept 1 fish for 2lb 12oz, A.Dunn (Montrose) c/r 5, C.Tait (Forfar) c/r 19, C.Robertson (Aberdeen) c/r 1, P.Harper c/r 1, M.Davison c/r 2, A.Phillip (Forfar) c/r 12, C.Wood (Aberdeen) c/r 5, D.Wood (Aberdeen) c/r 13.

Starting Monday 1st May we will be open 9am-9pm for the month of May.  


Carlogie Dam Fishings has been fishing well recently with with a number of different flies working well including Buzzers, WSW’s, Lures. Our 2017 price list has now been updated and we are open for our summer hours. We would like to encourage anglers to bring their own landing nets where possible and dip them before and after entering the fishery. 

 Recent catches include N.Spence (Arbroath) c/r 10, W.Clark (Forfar) c/r 11, E.Geddes (Dundee) caught and kept 2 fish weighing 5lbs, I.Hardie (Forfar) c/r 6, R.Patterson (Forfar) c/r 3, G.Skelton (Arbroath) c/r 10, B.Crosbie (Arbroath) c/r 4, P.Stewart (Arbroath) c/r 4, A.Twaddle (Arbroath) c/r 5, G.Woods (Montrose) c/r 20+, G.Edward (Forfar) c/r 12, H.Connel (Inverbervie) c/r 23, I.Dunn (St Cyrus) caught and kept 2 fish, A.Stewart (Dundee) c/r 11, J.Strang (Larebert) c/r 2, I.Middleton (Arbroath) c/r 10, R.Main (Arbroath) c/r 2, M.Robertson (Perth) c/r 31, D.Robertson (Perth) c/r 5, S.McDonald (Newburgh) c/r 12, J.Leslie (Forfar) c/r 10+, A.Phillip (Forfar) c/r 9, A.Wood (Arbroath) c/r 16, J.Westland (Arbroath) c/r 10, G.Crombie (Brechin) caught 6 kept 2 and returned 4, A.Byrne (Arbroath) c/r 2, G.Coyle (Montrose) c/r 1, I.Johnston (Monifieth) c/r 5, C.Cameron (Dundee) c/r 7, D.Wood (Aberdeen) caught 16 kept 4 and returned 12 fish, W.Senior (Aberdeen) caught 4 fish kept 2 and returned 2 fish, A.Paeth (Carnoustie) caught and kept 2 fish,B.Thomson (Arbroath) c/r 26, J.Thomson (Dundee) c/r 12, Murray (Dundee) caught 14 fish kept 2 and returned 10, L.Murray (Dundee) c/r 10, B.Bosch (Carnoustie) caught and kept 4 fish for 9lb, S.Squires (Careston) caught 7 fish and kept 2 for 4lb, J.Reid (Kingsmuir) c/r 8, C.Copper (Dundee) c/r 8, B.Kerr caught and kept 1 fish for 3.5lb, J.Smith (Forfar) c/r 9, C.Wood (Aberdeen) c/r 11, M.Howie (Luthermuir) c/r 3, I.Forsyth (Arbroath) c/r 7, A.Low (Kirriemuir) c/r 2, T.Horne (Dundee) caught and kept 2 fish, R.Hill (Dundee) c/r 1, B.Beattie (Forfar) c/r 2, A.Mills (Kirriemuir) c/r 4, G.Mills (Kirriemuir) c/r 4.


Carlogie Dam Fishings has seen a rise in the number of anglers now the weather is slowly improving. Buzzers, Lures, WSW’s are proving the most popular flies and some have started to fish dry flies.  

Recent catches include B.Longmuir (Abroath) c/r 30, F.Ferrier (Arbroath) c/r 15, M.Price (Arbroath) c/r 15, S.Spence (Arbroath) caught and kept 2 fish, A.Stewart (Dundee) c/r 10, R.Hill c/r 1, T.Hale (Forfar) c/r 2, G.Woods (Montrose) c/r 14, J.Smith (Forfar) c/r 20, J.Leslie (Forfar) c/r 10+, G.Skelton (Arbroath) c/r 5, W.Clark (Forfar) c/r 10, P.Stewart (Arbroath) c/r 4, A.Twaddle (Arbroath) c/r 8, B.Thomson (Arbroath) c/r 19 including a 4lb, B.Beattie (Forfar) c/r 8, J.Thompson (Dundee) c/r 12 including a 8.5lb, J.Westland (Arbroath) c/r 27 including a 6lb rainbow, B.Bosch (Carnoustie) c/r 3, C.Cooper (Dundee) caught 3 kept 2 fish for 5lb and released 1, G.Scott (Dundee) caught 4 kept 2 and returned 2, D.Clark (Arbroath) c/r 5, I.Middleton (Arbroath) c/r 10, M.Howie (Luthermuir) c/r 9, L.Johnston (Brechin) c/r 24, K.Lightly (Brechin) c/r 8, J.Douglas (Forfar) c/r 5, G.Lamond (Arbroath) caught 4 kept 2 and returned 2, G.Harrison (Arbroath) caught 2 kept 1 and returned 1, G.Balfour caught 3 returned 1 and kept 2 for 2lb, B.Crosbie (Arbroath) c/r 3, S.Redford (Dundee) c/r 1, C.Tait (Brechin) caught 11 kept 4 for 8lb and returned 7, J.Strachan (Wellbank) caught and kept 4 fish for 9lb, R.Smith (Arbroath) c/r 14, A.Wood (Arbroath) c/r 24, C.Cooper (Dundee) c/r 5, R.Hill (Dundee) c/r 1, T.Horne (Dundee) c/r 2, N.Rouley (Tayport) caught 8 kept 2 and returned 6, N.Wood (Aberdeen) c/r 17 including a 10lb and a 8lb rainbows, W.Campbell (Arbroath) caught 7 kept 3 and returned 4, J.Balfour (Brechin) c/r 8 including a 4lb, K.Balfour (Brechin) c/r 2, including a 3lb brown, D.Low (Aberdeen) caught 4 fish kept 3 for 7lb 8oz and returned 1, S.Paterson (Aberdeen) caught 4 fish kept 3 and returned 1, M.Robertson (Perth) c/r 27, S.McDonald (Newburgh) c/r 15, D.Wood (Aberdeen) caught 8 kept 3 for 7lb and returned 5. 


Carlogie Dam has been fishing well with a mixture of flies including buzzers, lures, fritz and dancers. The changeable weather hasn’t been putting the fish or anglers off. 

 Recent catches include B.Thomson (Arbroath) c/r 13, N.Spence (Arbroath) c/r 2, I.Johnston (Monifieth) c/r 2, J.Ritchie (Arbroath) c/r 3, A.Twaddle (Arbroath) c/r 10, F.Ferrier (Arbroath) c/r 13, M.Price (Arbroath) c/r 1, G.Skelton (Arbroath) c.r 1, A.Stewart (Dundee) c/r 6, W.Clark (Forfar) c/r 5, W.Beattie (Forfar) c/r 4, G.Woods (Montrose) c/r 16, J.Leslie (Forfar) c/r 10, B.Bosch (Carnoustie) caught and kept 3 fish for 6lb, S.Redford (Dundee) c/r 3, A.Wood (Arbroath) c/r 19, T.Hale (Forfar) c/r 7, P.Jackson (Arbroath) c/r 5, S.McAllan (Arbroath) c/r 14, D.Linton caught 12 fish kept 2 for 6lb and returned 10, A.Phillip (Forfar) c/r 12, G.McAllan (Arbroath) caught and kept 3 fish for 7.5lb, P.Stewart (Arbroath) c/r 20 one of which was a 14lb rainbow, I.Middleton (Carnoustie) c/r 8. 


Most anglers at Carlogie Dam Fishings have been fishing on buzzers and some lures over the past couple of weeks. Plenty of fish moving about which can be seen and a mixture of rainbow, blue and brown trout have been catching. 

 Recent catches include B.Longmuir (Arbroath) c/r 6, F.Ferrier (Arbroath) c/r 1, M.Price (Arbroath) c/r 1, Ally Stewart (Dundee) c/r 1, G.Skelton (Arbroath) c/r 2, G.Woods (Montrose) c/e 2, C.Williamson (Forfar) c/r 4, W.Beattie (Forfar) c/r 4, J.Thompson (Dundee) c/r 5, J.Westland (Arbroath) c/r 14, B.Thomson (Arbroath) c/r 19, A.Twaddle (Arbroath) c/r 4, S.Redford (Dundee) c/r 1, W.Clark (Forfar) c/r 5, B.Bosch (Carnoustie) c/r 3, S.Spence (Arbroath) caught 2 for 5lb and returned a further 3. 

 Our new 2017 price list is in place featuring our new discounted price for 8 hours catch and release for £10 daily.  


Fritz’s and cats whisker have been working well at Carlogie Dam, the fish are deeper in the water but still moving all over the pond. 

Recent catches include W.Clark (Forfar) c/r 5, F.Ferrier (Arbroath) c/r 6, B.Thomson (Arbroath) c/r 12, B.Bosch (Carnoustie) c/r 15, D.Moodie (Carnoustie) c/r 8, T.Hale (Forfar) c/r 8, G.Woods (Montrose) c/r 4, J.Leslie (Forfar) c/r 10, W.Beattie (Forfar) c/r 6, G.Gall (Arbroath) c/r 10, D.Clark (Arbroath) c/r 2, A.Twaddle (Arbroath) c/r 8, J.Westland (Arbroath) c/r 6, S.McDonald (Newburgh) c/r 3, S.Scobie (Newburgh) c/r 2, A.Stewart (Dundee) c/r 4.


Carlogie Dam has been fihsing well over the festive period with most anglers fishing lures, on the brighter days buzzers and F.A.B’s have been working well as well.

Recent catches include J.Smith (Forfar) c/r 10, J.Leslie (Forfar) c/r 10, F.Ferrier (Arbroath) c/r 11, A.Twaddle (Arbroath) c/r 4, B.Bosch (Carnoustie) c/r 4, W.Clark (Forfar) c/r 6, J.Westland (Arbroath) c/r 5, G.Woods (Montrose) c/r 9, N.Wood (Aberdeen) c/r 8, C.Robertson (Aberdeen) c/r 3, G.Anderson (Arbroath) c/r 7, M.Prire (Arbrboath) c/r 14, S.McAllan (Arbroath) c/r 12, P.Campbell (Arbroath) c/r 5, A.Phillip (Forfar) c/r 3, C.Milne (Forfar) c/r 6, C.Wills (Forfar) c/r 5, G.Gall (Forfar) c/r 4. 

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